Kitchen Fire Safety 


Stay in the kitchen whenever anything is cooking and NEVER leave home when food is cooking on your stove or in your oven.

Be alert and don’t cook or put something on to cook if you’re tired, if you have been drinking alcohol or if you’re drowsy.

Be neat and make sure flammable objects are kept away from the stove. Curtains, potholders, food packaging and dish towels can catch fire easily when they come in contact with stove burners. Keep stove surfaces and the areas around your stove clear. Don’t store things on or above your stove. Clothing can catch fire when you lean over stove burners to reach for something. A pot handle sticking out over the edge of your stove can be bumped or grabbed by a child, so turn pot handles in. Keep heat-producing appliances away from walls, curtains, and other flammable materials. Built-up grease catches fire easily. Wipe appliances and kitchen surfaces after spills and clean stoves and ovens regularly.

Be thorough and turn off stoves and cooking appliances immediately after you’re finished cooking. Never leave empty pots or pans on a heated stove burner. Unplug electrical appliances, such as coffee pots and toasters when they are not in use.

Don’t overload electrical outlets, never plug too many appliances into the same outlet and make sure you are using the proper fuses. Never use an electrical cord that is cracked or frayed or has a loose or damaged plug.

Loose clothing can dangle too close to stove burners and catch fires, so when you are cooking wear tight-fitting sleeves (or roll your sleeves up). Also, remember to tie long hair back.

Quick steps to prevent a cooking fire

  • Never leave food unattended. Keep cooking area clean. Always wipe appliances and surfaces after cooking to prevent grease buildup.
  • Be aware of flammable objects near the stove. Curtains, pot holders, dish towels and food packaging can easily catch fire.
  • Always turn pot handles toward the centre of the stove. Turning handles inward can prevent serious accidents.
  • Never wear loose clothing while cooking.
  • Heat oil slowly.
  • Teach children safe cooking.