Home Fire Safety 

Did you know that most fatal house fires occur during the night, giving people little time to react? Be prepared and be safe!

Causes of Fires

Common causes of fires at home include:

  • Careless smoking
  • Improperly installed or improperly maintained wood stoves
  • Faulty wiring
  • Careless use of cooking equipment
  • Careless use of flammable liquids

Preventing Fires at Home

  • Install smoke alarms
  • Have a home escape plan
  • Install fire extinguishers

What to do if a Fire Occurs in your Home

  • Stay low since smoke rises, leaving air at floor level
  • Do not open doors or windows that indicate signs of heat or smoke seepage
  • If your clothing catches on fire: stop, drop and roll
  • Once you are safe, call 9-1-1 from the nearest phone
  • Do not re-enter the building

Facts about Fire Safety

  • Fires can double in size approximately every 30 – 60 seconds (a $20,000 kitchen fire can become a $160,000 house fire in less than three minutes)
  • In eight minutes a fire can grow by 64 times
  • Progression of a structural fire to the point of “flashover” (the very rapid spreading of the fire due to super heating of the room contents and other combustibles) generally occurs in seven to 10 minutes
  • For medical aid calls, basic life support should be initiated within four minutes
  • Reducing rescue time by only two to three minutes could increases the chances of survival by eight times
  • A minimum acceptable staffing level consists of four fire fighters on the first responding pumper
  • Fire fighting has been and always will be labour intensive. Reducing firefighters equates to reducing levels of service, which equates to a lower level of safety
  • As response times increase, public safety decrease