On August 4th we conducted our annual testing and certification of our Pumpers, Ladders and SCBA apparatus.
This is part of the NFPA standards.
Pump 32 and Pump 34
Each Pump needs to be able to pump the amount of water and at the designed pressure the Pump is rated for a set period of time to pass. Additionally, tests are performed to ensure the integrity of the lines inside the pump so there are no leaks.
Each ladder is subjected to weights to verify the ladders are able to hold the rated weight. The ladders are measured at the start and end of the test to verify there is no bending of the ladders permanently after the weights are removed.
 SCBA Apparatus
The SCBA apparatus is bench tested for air flow and leakage. The regulators and Bypass are tested to ensure they are functioning as designed. Any that are not meeting the rating are repaired on site before they are placed back in service.