Grand Valley and District Fire Department
Our Municipalities

Town of Grand Valley


5 Main Street North

Grand Valley, Ontario

L9W 5S6


Telephone: 519-928-5652

FAX: 519-928-2275

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Township of Amaranth 

374028 6th Line

Amaranth, Ontario

L9W 0M6


Telephone: 519-941-1007

FAX: 519-941-1802 

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Township of East Garafraxa


Office Location:

374028 6th Line

(6th Line and County Road 10, Laurel, ON)


Mailing Address:

191282 13th Line
East Garafraxa, Ontario

L9W 7B4


Telephone: 519-928-5298 or 941-1007

FAX: 519-928-5298 or 941-1007

Township of East Garafraxa Web Site